Breakfast of Champions?

So I got quail because traditionally we would eat quail and duck eggs. Chicken eggs simply wasn't a thing until America was colonized. At least they weren't a thing in our area here in the Great Lakes. Pardon me while I giggle about seeing a wild chicken.

Up until this point I had been saving their eggs to incubate to hatch. I figure, if I can hatch their eggs then we have a decent meat supply in the upcoming months. With all the COVID stuff you just never know. Being in the culinary world I always heard that quail eggs and quail meat was highly prized. I couldn't afford button quail that is home to Michigan but I could afford coturnix. quail journey.

With 40 eggs in the incubator I felt it was finally time to try one of these eggs. Ok, two eggs because let's face it...quail eggs are SMALL. I put a little sunflower oil in the bottom of my mini egg pan (small pan for small eggs anyone?) and cracked them into it without popping the yolk (skills...just skills). They cook up 10x faster than chicken eggs. I proceeded to make blue corn grits with maple syrup (made by us), sliced up an apple for extra flavor and slide my mini eggs onto it all. It presents nicely that's for sure.

In my picture you can see just how small these eggs are compared to small apple slices! I nervously bit into the egg and yolk. Que the raised eyebrows. No way, no way are they this good! But they are. The yolk has a buttery taste and are almost creamy when cooked fully. The mouthfeel is steller. And suddenly I understood why fancy places serve quail eggs. And here I am lucky enough to collect 2+ eggs a day from my 2 girls that haven't escaped. (I had two get out at separate times and after chasing them all across the neighborhood they became free and I'm sure the coyotes thank me for that one.)

Nutritional facts on a SINGLE quail egg? (I got this from )

14 calories

0 carbs (diabetics like to read 0 carbs trust a diabetic it makes me happy)

1g protein

1g fat

6% of daily vitamin B12

2% of daily Iron

4% of daily choline (which for someone with my autoimmune diseases is important!)

6% of daily riboflavin (helps your body breakdown carbs/fats/protein and creates energy)

There's more and I encourage you to check out the link. So these eggs are 10x healthier for you then chicken eggs. They recommend to eat no more then 3-5 eggs a day from quail to not exceed the daily recommended doses of the above vitamins and minerals.

So not only did our ancestors eat eggs packed with what they needed vitamin and mineral wise the quail themselves are a very lean healthy meat. My only question is how did they find the eggs or did they keep them in a cage? Ah, the things I'm off to hunt down answers to!

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