Grow the Greens!

Three days ago I planted some lettuce. The reason for this is keeping a nutritionally balanced diet is important more than ever, especially during COVID. I planted woodland cress which is a distant relative to watercress. Watercress was a part of our traditional diet. I also planted Tom Thumb, Red Sails and Butter lettuce.

I know traditionally we had greens such as plantain, watercress, nettle, dandelion, fiddleheads, and sunflowers.

I got to talking with my cousin about our ancestors. We agreed that they may possibly be in favor of growing greens in winter. Our ancestors had very little greens available in winter. Now, we have the ability to plant seeds and grow food during the winter. This means we can keep feeding our bodies the vital nutrients they need. I feel personally our ancestors would giggle and be in awe at the light the mimics the sun and gets the tiny seeds to grow.

This brings me to an important topic. Yes, we try to stay true to our traditional diet but it is VITAL to gain the nutrients you need. This means that you need the vitamins the plants give in order to keep your health up. During this pandemic is it key to keeping healthy and should you get it having a nutrient rich diet to help fight it.

I am so very happy to have woodland cress sprouting. I am curious if it really is like watercress. If it is, it is easier to grow at home because I don't have to build a pond to grow it. Woodland cress can readily be grown in good soil. It is often found in the woods in the area where it is naturalized. I would love to make a spring salad with it, with dandelion greens, woodland cress and clover sprouts! Mix some rabbit jerky in there and some early berries like strawberries to it and we're talking a powerhouse salad!

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