It's The Most Busiest Time Of The Year!

I know I haven't made any recent blog posts but that's because fall is my busiest time of the year! No joke. I am processing acorns, chestnuts, squash, grapes and hatching my newest batch of quail to add a new bloodline.

Yesterday my boyfriends mom dropped off a 5 gallon bucket of grapes. That means today I am steaming them down to gain juice. That juice will be made into jam, canned juice and syrup. I unfortunately ran out of maple syrup so I can't use that to sweeten them. Cue the sad sigh here. But with this large gift of grapes my family will have healthy juice in winter packed with antioxidants. What else do they have? In a 100 gram serving (10 grapes) of these guys here's the following nutrition.

10% DV (Daily Value) of Copper

12% DV of Vitamin K

18% DV of Vitamin C

4% DV of Potassium

4.5% DV of Iron

This is just a small list of what you get out of 10 grapes! Wild grapes were part of our diet as well. These are cultivated due to wild grapes can get mixed up with a poisonous look alike which is Canadian Moonseed. Always, always be sure of what you are foraging out there because some can be a one and done taste.

This is a basket of acorns the kids and I collected from the neighbors yard. I asked if he cared and he was more than happy to have us come and rid his yard of them. This will yield a lot of flour once processed. Acorn is nutritious and so abundant. When foraging them I always leave quite a bit for the animals. Deer, squirrels and other animals need them to store fat for winter. 1 ounce of acorn flour has the following:

144 calories

2 G (grams) of Protein

15 G Carbs

44% DV Vitamin A

20% DV Vitamin E

19% DV Iron

19% DV Manganese

12% DV Potassium

10% DV Vitamin B6

As you can see they have a good kick of nutrition and this is in 1 OUNCE of processed acorns! Later, I'll be posting a step by step with pictures on how to process acorn flour and the best and fastest way I've found to do this. The more we know and share the more we can come back to our roots!

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