Make It Sweet

I had a kombucha squash starting to get a bit old. I already had sumac chestnut coated chicken in the oven. Normally I create something savory with squash. But I got to considering the squash itself.

Kombucha squash is a sweet squash. So I coated it in sunflower oil and tossed it with maple sugar. This would complement the earthy squash and bring out its natural sweet flavors.

When working with our foods I try to complement natural flavors. To even the balance between earthy and wild. The maple sugar did the trick! It began to caramelize inside the squash meat. You first get a brief taste of earthy then the squashes sweetness and ends with the sweet nip of maple sugar! I'll do a blog post the next time I make maple sugar as its easy to do and great in baking, breakfasts and apparently squash dishes.

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