Sweet Tooth Gone Anishinaabe

I, once again, was craving something sweet. Chocolatey to be exact. I thought I'm feeling it. I'm going to experiment with my wild rice flour.

Behold the Cocoa Manoomin Honey cookie!

I'm quite happy with these. I think for a less gritty flavor Ill half the wild rice flour and cut in chestnut or acorn flour. But for now it hit the spot! I used cedar ash in place of baking soda. I used honey instead of sugar and eggs. The cedar ash leavened it perfectly giving them just enough fluff they didn't taste like flavorful hockey pucks.

I had several branches of cedar dried out on my bookshelf so I burned them down. Always ALWAYS make sure you do this over a non flammable surface! I cant stress that enough. The oil in the dried cedar burns it fast and hot!

I used 3 tablespoons to 1/4 a cup of water.

This pic is what they looked like before baking

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