Who's more excited...the squirrels or me?

As fall approaches I've noticed the one acorn tree who is always early by us is dropping green acorns. My heart beats a little faster with excitement. It's almost acorn season! Why am I so excited about this tree nut? Because it's a tasty ingredient that is such a delight to bake with. If hot water leached the right way, acorn flour is a tasty and lingering flavor that is hard to explain and hard to forget! Am I a squirrel at heart? Just possibly!

It is a very time intensive process to crack the shells, dry them, pop out the acorn meat, and then the leaching process. This leaching process involves covering the nuts in water, bringing to a boil for 15 minutes, drain, repeat until the nuts are no longer bitter. This process removes tannins from the acorns. This year I am saving the discarded tannin water for...you guessed it....hide tanning! Waste not, want not. When it's time to do the process I'll take pictures to include for a How To.

The picture to the left is a maple acorn chestnut cake I did last year. I leavened it with eggs, used homemade sunbutter (sunflower seeds and sunflower oil with a tad bit of honey ground to a peanut butter consistency). The top is a maple glaze. It was 100% indigenous ingredients and tasty too. When I perfect it this fall I am adding it to the recipes page for everyone.

Now the other side of my post. I often go go go and suddenly run out of steam. It's not a burnout. It's a fact that I am not the healthiest I could be. My system is having a bit of an issue and I'm getting tested for MS. Aspartame poisoning crossed my mind so I set my diet pop down except for the stevia pop and that's not nearly as good. As an Indigenous aspiring chef I need to get away from pop anyways. That being said, working on a business plan to submit and hopefully get funding for through the tribe has me a bundle of nerves. I totally expect to get told no. But you don't know unless you try. If anything it'll show I'm serious about getting Makwa Niwiisin off the ground. Hosting indigenous cuisine classes on Zoom starting on the 18th also has me nervous. I struggle with feeling like I'm not doing enough but in my heart I know I am doing and at exactly where the Creator and Ancestors want me at. Sometimes we need to think less and listen more. :) So While I fight the feeling of "not doing enough" I'm going to try and shut off my brain and listen because our blood memory leads us the way we are meant to go. Goodness knows they've showed me that enough I just have to remember. Bamipi till next time!

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