Why A Blog?

I run a Makwa Eats page on Facebook but I figure if I do it here I can add recipes and more that I can't do as readily or easily on Facebook. I want nothing more then to allow people to follow me as I explore my Indigenous culinary path. By doing this I feel I can bring us back to our culture. I found my way "home" through food. Food is medicine! We must always thank the plants and animals that give their lives for us.

How did I come up with the name Makwa Eats (Niwiisin)? One day I was talking about the food things I was experimenting with and the name Makwa kept coming to mind. I am Makwa Clan (Bear Clan). Then I said (lightbulb moment) Makwa Eats!! I recently decided to start calling it Makwa Niwiisin. This is still "Makwa Eats" but all in Anishinaabe. Now on my chef coat it says Makwa Niwiisin instead of "Makwa Eats Vicki Wells". In all honesty I could have left it and had a good laugh every time someone read it.

My goals in running Makwa Niwiisin is to learn as much as I can about our indigenous foods. By doing this I can begin to create dishes in a new ways with ingredients our ancestors ate. I am very interested in Molecular Gastronomy and how it could be used with these ingredients. I dream of doing culinary competitions for the ACF and eventually opening a catering company or restaurant that can put our food, our culture on the map. Why would I want to do that? Because our customs and traditions NEED to survive. By having it out there people can experience amazing, natural flavors in an upscale way that could really wake up their taste buds.

Or so that's my goal in what I am doing. In the following weeks I will talk more about stories related to our foods, way to utilize it and so on. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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