Why I said NO

I had an interview at a place today. They were eager to put me to work. But the fact the only had workers who started there I got thinking...hard. Have I came so far in my Indigenous Journey to just accept the first job offered.


I asked myself seriously, would it help my plating? No. Would it expand my learning? No. Would it benefit me? No. So, as I sat and listened to my heart I said.....no. I am on a path I feel that if a job doesn't improve on my learning then the answer is No! Gone are the days where a paycheck is a paycheck. Yeah, Makwa Niwiisin needs funding but so help me I'm not gonna work a job that requires so much I get tore up thinking about it.

I am on a path and I cannot veer from it. So from someone who has walked this path. Follow your heart. If a job comes up that allows me to travel that path then I'll take it. Until then I am learning to listen to my gut instinct.

In all honesty I am devoted 110% to the food sovereignty of our tribe and to that I'll stay true. Until further notice you have 200% of my attention.

Follow your heart

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